Throwback Highlight: U.S. Polo Association Brand Identity Program

The US Polo Association is the official governing body for the sport of Polo in the United States. And with the growing market worldwide for lifestyle product lines, they gave us the task of creating a unified branding system with brand guides.

U.S. Polo Association Logo
As part of our brand immersion process, we got to ride real polo ponies in Wellington Florida – you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to hit that little ball with a mallet while on horseback. We also attended a premier polo event, the US Open in Palm Beach, which was a thrill.

The assignment included logos, identity, packaging, advertising, and apparel hardware application, as well as hangtag and label systems. We worked closely with Jordache, the US master licensee, to develop a cohesive brand sales presentation, which included positioning and a tiered product line vision guide for potential licensees and retailers. In addition, we were retained to manage and distribute art and materials to master and sub licensees.
U.S. Polo Association Sportswear U.S. Polo Association Group

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