Muscle Beach

Logo, identity, and product vision for a Venice Beach landmark and mecca of modern fitness.

It all began in 1933 with a group of enthusiasts exercising on a sandy beachfront in Santa Monica, California. From their desire for healthy fun under the sun, an iconic phenomenon was born. Recently, Danny Tschirret and Infinity Licensing launched Muscle Beach as a fitness brand. Our biggest challenge was that the property had been around for almost 80 years and still didn't have an established logo. With typography inspired by a King Kong movie poster of the late 1930s, we made an effort to stay true to the original time period while evolving a logo for today. Our product vision presentation gave a clear indication of the property's relevance to various consumer products, and the “victory meets strength” icon solution serves as a unique brand identifier.

Logo Development   |   Brand Extension Vision Presentation

Muscle Beach Branding and Product Development