Style Guide Plus

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This breakthrough cloud asset management service is an easily updatable web-based system that can include your brand's art assets, presentation decks, sales collateral, and videos. Style Guide Plus+ allows you to view your complete property or brand guide, and clearly view downloadable assets without having to download each asset before seeing it.

The Style Guide Plus+ customized interface allows your brand's look and creative intent to be immediately conveyed to licensees and users, ultimately putting the “style” back in style guide! 

What differentiates Style Guide Plus+ from the previous generation of web-based asset management systems?

  • Graphics are placed front & center – not hidden
  • No “meta” tags needed, no frustrating searches
  • Provides full, on-screen brand immersion 
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Great presentation format for external use by sales and marketing teams


Why waste hours getting lost in the endless levels of a cumbersome digital asset management system? Present your brand’s core assets with the easy-to-use, fashion-forward Style Guide Plus+ and ensure that your creative team PLUS+ your marketing team PLUS+ your sales staff are working at maximum efficiency and creating well-executed, profitable licensed products.

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