Festive Retail Partnerships Just in Time for the Holidays

Beyond the logos, taglines, and style guides we regularly provide our clients, a lot of our work happens behind the scenes in the form of concepting and strategy.

Brand owners and their retail teams often come to us with a desire to partner with major retailers. For instance, Discovery had us develop a series of vision presentations for Walmart in preparation of this year’s 30th anniversary of Shark Week. And while we often get to see these thought-starters translated directly into the retail space, other times our behind-the-scenes work goes seemingly dormant for a period of time, only to reemerge later on in some very interesting ways.

This was the case with NBCUniversal. In October of last year, they hired us to help them partner with Macy’s in anticipation of this year’s release of The Grinch. What began as a simple licensing endeavor for the 2018 holiday season quickly expanded into an elaborate pitch for a full-blown takeover of the entire flagship store, Macy’s Herald Square.
Tying in multiple elements from the movie, our presentation included a Who-Ville Christmas tree, Who-like mannequins and cutouts, and even a “Grinch lounge” replete with bright, green fur and a selfie station — all this along with a variety of branded merchandise, in-store experiences, and marketing activations.
Once presented to Macy’s, our creative vision took a twist and went on to inspire a holiday window display at the famous Bloomingdale’s on 59th — Macy’s sister store.

Bloomingdale’s was able to take our initial ideas and modify them for an older, more fashion-minded audience. In their store and on their website, they introduced a number of familiar concepts, such as the selfie station, the mannequins and Grinch-fur backdrops, as well as the use of an expanded holiday color palette. Even smaller elements from our presentation found their way into the product line, like Grinch-branded sweets!
So if you find yourself strolling down 59th Street this holiday season, be sure to stop into Bloomingdale’s and say hello to our old friend The Grinch. And feel free to contact us directly with your own ideas about retail partnerships. Every deal is different, and we’d love to help you realize your own unique vision.
Happy Holidays!