Artist Legacy Group

Logo Development | Brand Identity | Rebranding

StyleWorks had a chance to develop a new brand identity for Artist Legacy Group (ALG). The project included a new logo system for the ALG website, along with public relations and marketing executions. The rebranded logo will be used as a tool to introduce ALG to current and potential clients as part of an overall business development plan for entertainment and music estate management.

The Logo Lockup

After conducting a shared market audit and reviewing the competition, we researched various graphic approaches to inspire the creative direction.

Our final design consisted of a logo lockup combining a clean wordmark and a stylized icon of letter “A”. Lockups were created in multiple orientations, including stacked and horizontal, with a horizontal version for smaller spaces.

The Icon

The “A” icon is the primary identifier for the brand, a mark reminiscent of the client’s signature. We provided this graphic element in multiple formats and colors to accommodate various applications.

The Color Palette

The color palette is one of the identity’s most prominent features, including a rich purple that we provided in flat and gradient formats with support colors and textures.