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Working with the Joester Loria Group, StyleWorks developed a consumer product licensing art supplement for Corona. The project included five trend-based theme art collections, each exploring and celebrating a different aspect of the versatile brand.

Corona Heritage

The Corona Heritage collection celebrates traditional Mexican art with a nod to Mexican street art and other contemporary sources.

The trend exudes rich colors and complex patterns, for which we provided custom illustrations and hand-lettering to create a more authentic feel.

Corona Beach Life

Corona Beach Life promotes the breezy attitude and laid-back persona that comes with life on the coast.

As rustic signage encourages you to “Find Your Beach,” photo-real graphics and collages conjure images of the Mexican coastline, including sunsets, palm trees, and breaking waves.

Corona Beach Life 1
Corona Beach Life 2
Corona Beach Life 3
Corona Beach Life 4
Corona Beach Life 5
Corona Beach Life 6
Corona Beach Life 7
Corona Beach Life 8
Corona Beach Life 9
Corona Beach Life Design 10

Corona Vintage

Corona Vintage uses worn and washed-out materials to evoke a nostalgic sense of wonder.

Retro signs of weathered wood and rusted tin advertise destinations off the beaten path while celebrating the imagery of Corona’s past.

Corona Festival

From Electric Beach to Spring Awakening, this freewheeling trend finds inspiration in the year’s hottest music festivals.

Kaleidoscopic patterns saturated with vibrant blues and yellows provide a sense of exulting liberation, whether celebrating all day or dancing into the night.

Corona Festival Designs
Corona Festival Patterns

Corona Sport

Drawing from various popular sports, including boxing, soccer, and football, the Corona Sport collection builds on classic Corona licensing elements such as color blocking and stripes.

The trend brings a more modern aesthetic to athletic gear, with a focus on sports-related apparel.

Extending the Artwork

Each of the collections contains a special Extending the Artwork section, in which partners are encouraged to use the many creative elements of the guides to develop new designs. In many cases, additional designs can be created by changing colors or reformatting and separating certain elements.

This example shows how one design can be recreated in a variety of ways.