Trolls Tribe-A-Licious

Seasonal Style Guide Module

NBCUniversal had already developed a series of style guides for their successful Trolls licensing program when they hired StyleWorks to shake things up. Based on our past work with glitter-friendly brands, they tasked us with creating a non-traditional guide replete with product development, updated character art styles, and a sparkling sense of humor.

Dazzling Compositions

With product examples peppered throughout the guide, we developed a plethora of inspired composed designs, many of which based on bold, three-dimensional typefaces.

Trolls licensing
Trolls licensing
Trolls licensing
Trolls licensing

Extra Enhancements

Whether adding gems or ombré hair, we were able to transform the provided CGI and vector art styles in a multitude of ways.

These enhancements allowed the characters to shine brighter than ever before, providing each pose with an extra hint of the spectacular.

Added Texture

To further inspire Trolls licensing partners, our graphics were accompanied by a selection of textures and finishing techniques which could be used to give products a dynamic tactile dimension.