Mountain Dew

Theme art and retail presentation for Target's home décor collection.

Mountain Dew has done an amazing job target-marketing action sports. For their college campus initiative, Joester Loria Group had us develop a full dorm room product concept to present to Target. After reviewing Mountain Dew’s brand vision, we decided to focus on artful self-expression rather than traditional action sport graphics. One of our former designers, Dan “Wavedog” Fenelon, had a painting style we liked to call “ethno-primitive.” It was perfect for a composite piece of art from which we could pull elements and develop a design vision for the dorm room collection. One of our favorite items is the glassware featuring a funky dog that says “doggie DEW.” And what could be better than a “Lounge in a Box,” complete with an inflatable chair, pillow, blanket, and bead curtain? Sweet.

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Mountain Dew Product Theme art and retail display