We provide our clients with creative solutions to meet their specific objectives, covering all aspects of branding and brand extension design. This includes an array of services of various size and scope intended to build brands and strengthen businesses.

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Style Guides

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Creative Assets

Theme Art / Trend Collections
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Our portfolio is just the beginning…

After a project is finished, clients tend to see us as not only a great branding and brand extension design agency but a trusted resource whom they can turn to for all their creative needs. Because of this, we enjoy a number of ongoing relationships in which time and time again we are brought in on the ground floor of new initiatives. We’re passionate about the work. And as true creatives, we approach each project from every angle, imagining novel solutions for our clients while relying on our decades of experience to meet every challenge. Whether developing a brand extension design presentation or dreaming up product concepts in a new category, we help brand owners reimagine the extent of their business.

Brand Partnerships

The marriage between two brands is one of our specialties. It allows us to use our design sense and marketplace savvy to envision a potential pairing at retail.

For example, Say Yes to the Dress gave us an opportunity to demonstrate how the brand could work with OPI, to which we came up with a dazzling line of nail polish consisting of original names and colors that highlighted the strengths of each property.

Consumer Foods

Consumer foods also provide countless opportunities for brand partnerships. With a little creativity, product and packaging can be modified in a variety of ways to reflect a particular initiative.

For Discovery’s Shark Week, our brainstorming led to a number of ideas, including shark-shaped macaroni and shark imagery and promotional content on the package.

Product Development

Not only do we give our clients what they need to branch out into new territories, we help them figure out where to go.

With Winnebago, we were able to draw upon the brand’s essence and reputation to show how it could be applied to categories such as camping gear and luggage. Everything was on the table, as long as it was fit for life on the open road.

Retail Partnerships

From interactive retail displays to full-blown, in-store experiences, brands can work directly with retailers to push new products in ingenious ways.

For an exclusive partnership with Target, we developed retail renderings for Pepsi-branded products in categories such as tableware and home décor.

Product Pitch Decks

Sometimes brand owners have a specific product in mind, as was the case with the NFLPA when they came to us for a pitch to Lego.

We not only realized their vision of what popular NFL players could look like in Lego form, but also developed supporting materials showing the players’ reach on social media and potential impact for marketing.

Trend Forecast Presentations

We subscribe to the leading fashion and home trend-forecasting service WGSN and do retail, product, and shared market audits to ensure competitive relevance both now and well into the future.

For 540Brands, we not only brushed up on the latest styles but also visited Cabela’s and other popular outdoor retailers to find out exactly which products were selling to their target market. Season after season, we’ve provided well-balanced and reliable mood montages to guide them through their licensing endeavors.

Brand Lookbooks

Lookbooks provide a fantastic way to showcase a new collection, and sometimes they can be the very thing that seals the deal. The right images, a vibrant color palette, and a curated selection of products can all work in concert to reveal a brand’s full potential.

For this Billboard music festival collection, we had the right ingredients for a stunning spread. Collections like these helped the brand extend its reach into the world of fashion.

Digital Asset Management

Once our work is finished, brand owners and their partners still need access to the multitude of assets found in our guides. To simplify this process, we’ve developed Style Guide Plus, a breakthrough digital asset management system.

Using a customized interface that preserves a brand’s creative intent, Style Guide Plus provides access to all design assets, pitch decks and presentations, marketing collateral, videos, and more.

Our specialization in brand extension design allows us to supply our clients with a steady stream of on-trend creative assets and ownable IP.

At StyleWorks Creative, we strive to distill a brand’s essence and reveal its hidden potential so that products and experiences can break new ground while remaining authentic in the eyes of consumers. With brand image and consumer perception in mind, we provide our clients and their partners with on-trend creative assets and ownable IP for every occasion. This includes trend-based seasonal collections, captivating product pitch decks, inspired brand and lifestyle vision presentations, and thorough licensing style guides. So if you’re trying to push your brand in new directions, find new sources of revenue, and grow your target audience, then you’re in the right place.

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