Steve McQueen

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Steve McQueen captivated a generation through his rebellious, onscreen persona and daring, offscreen pursuits. His filmography and impact on racing culture provide not only a lasting legacy but the perfect backdrop for a lifestyle licensing program.

“The King of Cool”

StyleWorks was tasked with capturing the essence of the McQueen persona and translating it into branding, packaging, and potential products with upscale appeal. For the logo and wordmark, we took a minimalist approach that would provide the brand with maximum versatility.

Trade Dress

Our branding and packaging system was developed for a variety of applications, including hangtags and box packaging, in-store graphics, and even a potential Steve McQueen fragrance.

Vintage-Style Color Palettes

For our color palettes, we sought out the best of the 60s and 70s, combining our research with trend-forecasting services to find perennial colors that would blend seamlessly with the today’s fashion.

Custom Icons and Prints

Our research into the life and times of Steve McQueen provided the perfect foundation for a series of custom, ownable icons and prints.

These timeless graphic elements elevate the collection with equal parts subtlety and sophistication.