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StyleWorks Creative teamed up with Pineapple Express to develop a brand vision and style guide for pioneering cannabis lifestyle brand THC. With today’s cannabis industry in mind, we drew upon THC’s unique history with Southern California’s surf and skate culture to reestablish the brand for a new generation.

Branding & Identity

The project gave us the opportunity to take a classic property, largely untouched since the early 90s, and elevate it for a more sophisticated market.

With a new logo and color style, among other identifiers, we reimagined THC as a fully functional lifestyle brand at the forefront of the legalization movement.

THC Style Guide 17
THC Style Guide 24
THC Style Guide 28
THC Style Guide 29
THC Style Guide 32
THC Style Guide 33
THC Style Guide 34

Brand Positioning

Along with the visual overhaul of the identity system, we provided strategy and messaging pertinent to the brand’s widening target audience.

Our efforts included a new mission statement and tagline, as well as a retelling of THC’s history and vision for the future.

Target Audience

We divided THC’s target audience into four groups, defining each in terms of their experience and attitude towards cannabis in mainstream culture.

THC Target Audience 19
THC Target Audience 20
THC Target Audience 21
THC Target Audience 22
THC Designs Sativa
THC Designs Indica

Defining the Themes

We developed two theme art collections, named Sativa and Indica respectively, that would appeal to cannabis lovers across the board. Whether spending a day at Venice beach or heading to a nightclub downtown, there was something for everyone.

Sativa captured the sunnier side of Southern California, while Indica used darker flourishes to conjure images of the city at night.