Bella & Beaux Organics

Brand Identity | Strategy & Insight | Packaging | Photography | Website Design

A project close to our hearts, for Bella & Beaux Organics, a delivery service that provides organic meals for pets in the Philadelphia area, we had the opportunity to build the entire brand from the ground up, developing everything from the name and logo to packaging, marketing materials, and web design.

Initial Branding

Before any brand identity, packaging, or marketing materials, we first had to find the right name. In this case our inspiration came from the brand owner’s two pups, a Yorkie named Bella and an Italian Mastiff called Beaux.

Our logo system included a brand stamp and an illustrated dog food bowl filled with the same kinds of healthy, organic ingredients found in the actual recipes.

Marketing Materials

Taking our cue from popular food delivery services like FreshDirect and Blue Apron, we provided a set of easy-to-read instructions.

We also created a full suite of marketing materials and business cards.

Bella and Beaux Marketing Materials Photography 1
Bella and Beaux Marketing Materials Photography 2
Bella and Beaux Marketing Materials Photography 3
Bella and Beaux Marketing Materials Photography 4
Bella and Beaux Marketing Materials Photography 5

Original Photography

We directed three photoshoots for this project, a lifestyle shoot featuring the brand owner and various dogs, a studio shoot of the dogs with the food, and an extensive food photography session in which we captured each of the delicious items on the menu.

Packaging and Web Design

We went on to develop a packaging system that would differentiate the meals, detailing the ingredients and other information, as well as all of the materials to be found on the website.

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