Norman Rockwell

Brand Positioning | Product Vision and Presentation | Website

Norman Rockwell is an American icon whose illustrations depicted small-town life in the 20th century. Working with IMG Licensing, StyleWorks developed a vision presentation and website for the Norman Rockwell brand’s consumer products and experiences.

Defining the Brand

We began by immersing ourselves in the life and legacy of Norman Rockwell and focusing on the values his work embodies.

A deeper understanding of the artist allowed us to imagine how the brand could be extended to categories as diverse as community living and financial services.

The Home Collection

After researching furniture styles, such as Mission, Craftsman, and Shaker, we settled on a unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles that would appeal across generations.

We were particularly inspired by materials such as warm woods and weathered finishes, elements befitting the natural grace of a rustic farmhouse.

The Brand Website

In developing, we broadened our scope, expanding on Rockwell’s legacy while showcasing the brand’s values and positioning in regards to a modern audience.

The website features a curated collection of illustrations, licensed products currently on the market, and a wide range of potential brand extension opportunities in various categories.

As part of our process, we also created a framing device for the logo and a secondary “NR” monogram.