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StyleWorks Creative developed a whole new brand identity for HarperCollins children’s publishing. Geared towards early readers, the branding system included a new logo along with various icons and other graphic elements.

Branding System

After presenting a selection of potential logos to HarperCollins, we settled on one that uses book spines as a familiar brand identifier, made all the more playful by their tilted orientation and the accompanying sans serif font.

It’s a mark that can double as an icon. We also created alternate versions for multiple applications.

Harper Kids Guide 1
Harper Kids Guide 2
Harper Kids Guide 3
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Harper Kids Guide 5
Harper Kids Guide 9
Harper Kids Guide 10
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Harper Kids Guide 26

Tonal Color Palette

For the icon system and background art, we developed a primary color palette that featured a softer version of each hue.

The addition of the softer colors brought another dimension to the program, allowing the icons and other elements to truly stand out.

Doodle-Style Icons

Having begun with simple two-tone icons, we soon found ourselves adding doodle effects for a fun and childlike feel.

The guide included tutorials for the HarperCollins in-house staff to recreate the look.

Base-Layer Patterns

We also included a collection of base-layer patterns to complement the trade dress. They were designed for any application, no matter the medium, from in-store retail displays to social media posts.