Uni the Unicorn

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Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Uni the Unicorn entered the world of licensing after a wildly successful debut. With a sequel in the works, StyleWorks Creative was brought on to adapt the series into a fully-realized children’s brand. We found Uni to be the perfect property for such a task, its heartwarming themes, original characters, and gorgeous illustrations a joy to reimagine for a variety of new applications.

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Branding and Packaging

We began with a new Uni the Unicorn logo based on the books’ wordmark to be used specifically for licensing. We then developed a packaging system that would work in concert with the logo, characters, and other elements.

With a “unicorn craze” at retail, the main challenge was to make the brand stand out from its competitors. Luckily, we had the books’ beautifully illustrated and fully layered art files to help us create a custom look that was truly unique to the brand.

Inspired Theme Art

Building on the inspiring illustrations of Brigette Barrager, we developed a few focused theme art collections, like Stars & Dreams, Woodland Magic, Friendship & Rainbows, and Be Unique, all based on various aspects of the books.

These collections were backed up with research using WGSN and other trend-forecasting services for the youth market.

Uni the Unicorn Theme Art 01
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