Crayola Retro

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After developing their licensing style guide, StyleWorks teamed up with Crayola to develop a retro creative asset collection that would appeal to young adults while capturing the enduring and playful spirit of the brand over the decades.

Crayola Licensing Style Guides

Branding and Icons Reimagined

We began by collecting a number of classic Crayola logo variations, including them in our creative toolbox, among other nostalgic graphic elements, to aid and inspire licensing partners when developing original designs.

Retro Inspiration

Our own composed designs were based on retro pop colors and classic 80s and 90s graphic elements. We even looked at retired crayon colors for inspiration.

Extending the Artwork

We often include an Extending the Artwork section to demonstrate how specific graphic elements can be paired with editorial sayings and backgrounds to create original designs.

Product Vision

In imagining how the Crayola Retro collection could be extended to products befitting young adults, our product vision showcased a wide range of possibilities in a variety of categories.