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For the Polaroid licensing program, StyleWorks developed a creative asset guide replete with direction on branding, two themed collections, and a repository of classic camera images. The guide captured the essence of the iconic brand, infusing it with vivid colors, dynamic lifestyle imagery, and a touch of vintage flair.

Polaroid Guide 1
Polaroid Guide 2
Polaroid Guide 4
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A spectrum of color, the frame of an instant photograph… Our first collection drew from Polaroid’s pop culture status while pushing the brand in a vibrant, fashion-forward direction.

Polaroid Spectropop Design 1
Polaroid Spectropop Design 2
Polaroid Spectropop Design 3
Polaroid Spectropop Design
Polaroid Spectropop Design 5

Composed Designs

With the Polaroid prism as our main graphic element, composed designs presented the cube in myriad ways, captivating us with a panoply of radiant hues.

It was the perfect collection for apparel, including t-shirts.

Classic Camera

Our second collection provided a touch of nostalgia with a selection of vintage-style designs featuring landscape photography, weathered effects, and a softer color palette.

Polaroid Classic Camera Design 1
Polaroid Classic Camera Design 2
Polaroid Classic Camera Design 3
Polaroid Classic Camera Design 4
Polaroid Classic Camera Design 5
Polaroid Classic Camera Design 6


Building on our retro theme, we developed a series of illustrations based on classic camera models. We also created photo-real designs with a nod to the instant photograph as a framing device.

Some of our designs can be found at major retailers such as Macy’s.