Animal Planet Kids

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StyleWorks recently developed three creative asset collections for Animal Planet Kids. Filled with original character art and other graphic elements, each collection had its own theme based on a particular habitat: land, sea, and air.

Illustrated character art that includes an anglerfish, a jellyfish, and octopus.
Four character art assets, including angelfish, starfish, seahorse, and crab.

Character Art

For our Under the Sea collection, we created character art for nine different animals, including fish, crustaceans, and marine mammals.

Each animal was given its own playful personality. And for deep sea creatures, like the anglerfish, we even added a bioluminescent layer to our illustrations.

Character Art in Design

The characters were featured in composed designs that included a vibrant color palette and simple habitat elements anchored by fun, kid-friendly sayings.

Smiling stingray character art and the words, "Tiny Ray of Sunshine."
Composed design with character art of sea animals surrounding the words, "A Clean Ocean Is a Happy Ocean."
Composed design featuring character art of crab and saying: "A Little Crabby, a Whole Lot of Cute!"
Pattern from Under the Sea collection featuring character art of aquatic wildlife and habitat elements.
Another pattern from Under the Sea featuring character art of marine animals over light blue background.

Repeat Patterns

The graphic elements were also remixed into patterns that could be utilized for a variety of product and packaging applications.

Expressive Illustrations

The next collection, Friends Fly Together, featured six colorful birds from all around the world. Our composed designs and patterns combined the illustrations with flowers and foliage icons.

The images below demonstrate how the art assets can be applied to products in multiple categories.

Character art with the words "Big Smile" over a grinning caterpillar.
Character art in design with various bugs surrounding the words "Cute as a Bug."
Character art in design with the words "Little Love Bug" over an illustration of a monarch butterfly.

Engaging Insects

Even bugs can be cute! For our third collection, Curious Creatures, we added smiles and starry eyes to make the insects a little more approachable for children.

Like the other collections, we provided composed designs, combining the characters  with other graphic elements and a selection of lively sayings.

Habitat Elements

This collection also included patterns featuring the characters amid habitat elements. In this case we used acorns, foliage, and mushrooms to complement our more earthy color palette.

Another pattern featuring character art of the bugs and habitat elements over lush green.
Repeat pattern featuring character art of the illustrated bugs and graphic elements depicting their habitat.
Caterpillar character art and foliage elements in design using pastel color palette.
Each of the pastel color palette's Pantone colors.
Seahorse character art and habitat graphics using pastel color palette.
Smiling infant wearing pajamas featuring Under the Sea pattern.
Pink cockatoo character art, spreading her wings amid pastel-colored flowers.

Alternate Colorways

Each guide also included a pastel color palette, along with design assets for infant products, encouraging partners to extend the art for additional markets.

This is just one of several projects for Animal Planet. Others that feature animals from around the world include Animal Planet’s Latin American Kingdom and Guardians of Endangered Species.