JoJo Siwa

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StyleWorks Creative developed a brand vision and style guide for tween sensation JoJo Siwa, a collaboration which helped the rising star capitalize on her growing popularity and ink deals with major retailers and entertainment giants.

Star Power

JoJo Siwa got her start on Lifetime’s Dance Moms. With an empowering message for her fans (aka Siwanators!), she has since gained a massive following on social media, including over five million followers on Instagram alone.

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Brand Vision & Style Guide

We were initially brought on to develop a licensing style guide, which included a revised logo, as well as a number of composed designs and signature patterns. The guide served as both a sales tool and creative asset collection, communicating JoJo’s personality and popularity through a product vision.

JoJo Siwa Art 1
JoJo Siwa Art 2
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Bows & Other Business

We also created a direct-to-retail pitch presentation designed specifically for Claire’s. The partnership, which included celebrity signings and other in-store events, led to the sales of countless bows and a permanent product line for their stores.

A Big Deal

Armed with our style guide and brand vision, JoJo went on to sign a deal with Nickelodeon in the fall of 2016. The partnership included several appearances on popular shows and at live events. It also included a line of licensed consumer products in multiple categories.