How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Theme Art Collection | Product Vision

Already working with NBCUniversal on Trolls, StyleWorks was hired to develop theme art for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. It was essential that each theme art collection could stand on its own while complementing the broader licensing program.

Go Free

Our first theme art collection focused on the dragon known as Toothless, set free to fly off and discover his ancestral home.

We were inspired by the movie’s lightning effects, as well as the dragon’s glow, both key visual elements. Fonts were customized to evoke a sense of motion, giving each of the designs a more active feel.

Night & Light

Appealing to boys and girls alike, this collection featured Toothless and his new friend Light Fury, two young dragons on a playful adventure.

Combining sweeping nightscapes with gritty textures, reflective surfaces, and bursts of prismatic color, it truly captured the bold and daring nature of its theme.

The Hidden World

Dragons flourish deep within the Hidden World, lighting up the darkness with their bioluminescent skin.

Through dazzling color and mind-blowing composition, our third collection portrayed the secret sanctuary in all its glory, boasting a seemingly endless variety of visual elements, including customized icons for each dragon.