Animal Planet Pets

Brand Identity | Packaging Style Guide | Strategy and Insight

What began as a packaging guide grew into a larger, more comprehensive branding and messaging project for Animal Planet Pets. We defined the licensing program, breaking it down into five categories. We also provided rules on logo usage and other brand identifiers, along with packaging systems for two tiers of product and instructions on using photography.

Logo Development

Branding was not originally part of this project, but after Discovery saw our work on the rest of the packaging, logo development was added to the mix.

As part of a modular packaging system, we developed a new logo with the image of a leash as a key brand identifier.

Animal Planet Pets Trade Dress 1
Animal Planet Pets Trade Dress 2
Animal Planet Pets Trade Dress 3
Animal Planet Pets Trade Dress 4

Packaging Trade Dress

Our guide included a complete set of rules for packaging trade dress, one that would ensure consistency between licensees.

We even provided instruction for writing copy so that every package would speak with the same voice.

Retail Segmentation

We broke the licensing program down into five categories covering a wide range of consumer products, including everything from toys and treats to grooming and playtime. We further differentiated the products by creating two separate tiers of packaging.

Product Strategy

Specialty packaging used more elaborate designs and copy to reflect the unique features of its products. Value packaging relied on a simpler color palette and bulleted copy to better stand out at retail.

By providing an extensive Specialty vs Value Checklist, we were able to give licensees an easy way to navigate the two.

Animal Planet Pets Guide 1
Animal Planet Pets Guide 5
Animal Planet Pets Guide 6
Animal Planet Pets Guide 12
Animal Planet Pets Guide 15
Animal Planet Pets Guide 18
Animal Planet Pets Guide 23
Animal Planet Pets Guide 24
Animal Planet Pets Guide 25
Animal Planet Pets Guide 26
Animal Planet Pets Guide 27
Animal Planet Pets Guide 29

Curating Photography

We sifted through a massive pile of photography to find a select series of images that would best create an emotional connection with consumers.

Showing humans and animals living together as equals, we captured the special bond between pet owners and the pets they love.