Giraffes Can’t Dance

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For Giraffes Can’t Dance, a popular children’s book that has stood the test of time, StyleWorks developed a licensing style guide that would leverage the book’s creative assets in a trend-driven way for today’s market. Our guide captured the essence of the story, its themes and characters, reimagining them for an inspired retail packaging system.

Drawing from the Book

With no vector-usable logo for licensing, our first task was to redraw the Giraffes Cant Dance title treatment. We created three variations, stacked and horizontal, to fit different products and packaging.

We also reworked a variety of character poses, color-correcting the art to match.

Packaging System

For packaging, we featured the book’s signature cover pose, pairing it with scenic foliage directly from the book’s illustrations to frame the product.

Art Assets

With book art over 20 years old, it was important for us to gear the illustrations towards today’s consumer. We adapted character art from the book and created simplified styles to stir interest in the designs and patterns.

Custom Font

As part of our design process, we also created a custom font to complement the brand’s bold, new design style.