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For the Jeep licensing program, StyleWorks developed a brand vision, style guide, and packaging system celebrating the auto brand’s iconic status among drivers as well as its newfound popularity with young consumers.

We began by creating a new brand vision presentation for licensing. With the success of that project, we were then hired to develop the Jeep Consumer Products Global Branding Guidelines which included a packaging program for each of the Jeep sub-brands.

Freedom, Adventure, Passion, Authenticity… From its heroic role in WWII through decades of innovation, the Jeep brand has become the signifier of a lifestyle, giving consumers new ways to explore their world and express their highest aspirations.

To give partners a better sense of the brand’s legacy, we created a Jeep brand history timeline, featuring not only the brand’s vehicles over the decades but its logos, advertising, and the evolution of its signature Seven-Slot grille.

Jeep licensing

Brand Positioning

With a strong mission statement, we were able to position the Jeep brand as more than a vehicle for the road but a way of life.

Jeep Branding

Our guide provided technical instructions on how to work with the brand’s primary and secondary identifiers, including the Jeep Brand Mark, the Jeep Star, and Seven-Slot grille.

Global Packaging System

With partners and licensees hailing from all over the world, Jeep was eager to create a cohesive packaging system that would maintain consistency across each of their sub-brands.

Product for Every Terrain

Capturing the spirit of the tagline, “Go Anywhere, Do Anything,” we showcased potential products inspired by the various terrains Jeep enthusiasts love to explore.