Star Trek: Discovery

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Having worked with CBS and the Star Trek team on a Mirror Universe style guide, we were delighted when we got the call to join the crew of Star Trek: Discovery. The franchise was entering new territory with this groundbreaking series, boldly going where no Star Trek series had gone before. With all hands on deck, we sought to bring that same spirit of exploration to the licensing program.

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Character Imagery

Each of the main characters was given their own section of the Star Trek: Discovery guide. This included a short bio, photography, illustrations, and corresponding design elements.

Working from a library of character art, provided in both Photoshop and vector formats, we featured each character in several different poses. The process called for the editing and retouching of images, as well as the creation of duotone versions.

Star Trek Discovery Character 11
Star Trek Discovery Character 38
Star Trek Discovery Character 39

Containment Shapes

In tradition with the franchise, Star Trek: Discovery boasts a terrific cast, including characters of both human and alien origin.

To showcase the characters and give licensees a variety of design options, we developed a number of containment shapes that could be applied to the character illustrations and imagery.

Composed Designs

Inspired by imagery pulled directly from the production set, we developed composed designs featuring each of the main characters as well as various graphic elements, including icons and framing devices.

We also extended the artwork from the opening sequence in combination with one of the illustration styles to further capture the essence of the series.

Many of our designs can be found on a variety of product at retail.