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When Business Gets Creative

With over 30 years of branding and licensing design experience, dating back to the founding of Frederick & Froberg Design Offices in 1987, we launched StyleWorks in 2012 to focus our attention on entertainment, lifestyle, and consumer product brands.

Early on we recognized that our unique ability to capture a brand’s essence and extend its reach was translating into success for our clients and forming the basis of lasting partnerships.

Experts and Innovators

Whether considering a retail strategy or crafting a licensing style guide, we’re always looking ahead and challenging ourselves to evolve with the ever-changing market landscape.

And through a growing team of designers, illustrators, and copywriters, combined with an eagerness to take on a variety of new projects, we are constantly adding to our repertoire and refreshing our approach.

Creativity at Work

At StyleWorks, we see branding and licensing design as a form of storytelling. To tell a better story, one that will captivate its audience and further a brand’s mission, we ask our clients a lot of questions and strive to understand each property inside and out.

This provides consumers with a more authentic experience, allowing them to form a strong, emotional attachment to a brand, which in turn produces results for our clients in the marketplace.

We like to think of ourselves as builders of a creative bridge between a brand and the retail experience.

Alaina Caldwell, StyleWorks Creative, Branding and Licensing Design


Alaina Caldwell

Alaina Caldwell

Partner/Creative Director

After graduating from Rutgers University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Alaina began her full-time career at Frederick & Froberg, where her design ability and drive made her an instant success. She developed a passion for branding and licensing design that when coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit led to the foundation of StyleWorks Creative. Able to move seamlessly from project to project, she enjoys branding for children in particular, perhaps because she has two lovable kids at home.

Alaina’s work ethic extends into her free time as well. A former NFL cheerleader, she never shies away from a physical challenge, participating in such events as the Tough Mudder and the Susan G. Komen 60-mile walk for breast cancer.

As a cofounder of StyleWorks, Alaina is responsible for creative direction, design development, and project management, as well as managing internal and freelance staff. Her style guides and vision presentations have driven numerous retail campaigns, domestic and international.

D Thomas Froberg, StyleWorks Creative, Branding and Licensing Design


D. Thomas Froberg

D. Thomas Froberg

Partner/Creative Director

Tom cofounded Frederick & Froberg Design Offices in 1987, where his versatile design and illustration background led to the company’s specialization in style guide development for brand owners in licensing. He excels at combining contemporary culture with the essence of a brand to create a seamless point of view for branding and licensing design extensions, having developed identities, style guides, marketing communications, websites, product direction, and packaging programs for a number of leading lifestyle and entertainment clients.

Never afraid to mix business with pleasure, research and brand immersion are often Tom’s favorite parts of the job, whether hang gliding for Kitty Hawk Kites, driving a NASCAR for Hot Wheels, or digging through the archives of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

At StyleWorks, Tom is responsible for client services, business development, and operations, as well as overall branding strategy and creative direction, lending his experience and expertise to a new generation of products, properties, and brands.

Linda Mencel, Designer, Branding and Licensing Design


Linda Mencel

Linda Mencel


Linda began her career in 2009, having graduated early and with honors from Temple University, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Direction/Advertising with a double minor in Fine Art and Spanish. After working freelance for Frederick and Froberg, she became a full-time employee for StyleWorks Creative in 2012.

Residing in Philadelphia with her rescue dog, Jagger, Linda is passionate about animals and making a difference in the community. She volunteers her time and talent by fostering dogs and contributing design work for one of Philadelphia’s largest canine rescues.

At StyleWorks, Linda loves to work with fashion and music brands. Her attention to detail is a valuable asset, as she contributes to everything from design, trend research, and product vision to producing final art for many of our most complex projects.

Copywriter, Branding and Licensing Design


Michael Longarzo

Michael Longarzo


Michael joined StyleWorks Creative in 2012 as a freelance copywriter. He previously worked as a describer and post production supervisor for the Media Access Group at WGBH, providing descriptive video services for the blind and visually impaired. Whether proofing the latest style guide or compiling a list of taglines, he has an eye and ear for the written word, allowing his creativity and sense of humor to shine through whenever possible.

An avid reader with a background in film and music, Michael enjoys working with entertainment and publishing brands most of all. He lives in Los Angeles, where he uses his free time for creative writing.

At StyleWorks, Michael’s responsibilities include writing and editing copy for all major projects and proposals, as well as contributing to brand extension strategy through product concepting, naming, and SEO.


StyleWorks has an accomplished network of past and present support staff on hand.
We find the right team for every client, and these talented illustrators, photographers, and designers help us bring every project to life. For artists interested in joining our network, feel free to get in touch.


We treat our clients as partners, a collaborative approach that ensures the final product will always exceed expectations. It also makes for personalized, principal-driven direction and account management throughout every project. Here are just a few of our favorites.

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