Animal Planet

“Simply Adorable”

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StyleWorks developed a theme art collection to provide kid-friendly creative assets for Animal Planet products to be sold around the world. Our theme? Cute and cuddly animals, including several domesticated animals known for their playful affection, their big personalities, and for being, well…

Alternate Logo

After dreaming up a palette of inviting colors, we created an alternate Animal Planet logo exclusive to the collection. This new logo featured the typically monochromatic elephant, only decked out with colorful organic shapes.

Image Enhancements

Since photo-real animal images would be at the heart of the collection, we decided to take the imagery to the next level. Image clippings and other treatments allowed us to blend the work of various photographers into a cohesive selection that would play well together in design.

Animal by Animal

Within the guide, we feature seven different animals, each with its own set of poses, props, patterns, and suggested product messaging.

Composed Designs

We created a series of composed designs that paired our animal imagery with positive sayings to grab your attention.

Patterns Galore

Patterns played a bigger roll than ever, including base-layer patterns to enhance the product. We mixed our photo-real animal imagery with illustrated graphic elements to evoke a childlike sense of playful activity.

Icon Story

By layering vector-based icons with the photo-real art elements, we were able to give this collection a one-of-a-kind feel and unique point of view.

At the end of our guide, we added a page on finishing techniques to show licensees how the photo-real images could be swapped out for more tactile graphic and appliqué approaches. We can’t wait to see this collection in action!