Magic Tree House

Brand Identity | Branding System

StyleWorks Creative joined Penguin Random House for a rebranding of their best-selling children’s book series, Magic Tree House. To update the trade dress for a new generation of young readers, we developed a unified branding system with type treatment and graphic devices geared toward two different age groups.

Branding in Action

Our brand identity set the name of the children’s book series in shiny gold lettering surrounded by leafy tree branches that act as a framing device. We also devised a special color-coding system to differentiate each individual title.

This branding system allowed Magic Tree House to retain its original illustrations all the while making an even bigger impact at retail. And for the Merlin Missions series, we developed an alternate branding system, this time using a gold leaf design and complementary colorways.

You can see our branding system in action at In a similar project, we developed a new brand identity for children’s book publisher HarperKids.