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Design is more than decoration. It's the face of a brand and often the first line of attack in an effective business strategy. Starting with a broad view, we assimilate the key attributes of a brand and create a consistent voice. We then use this voice to communicate vital information across various design applications, whether they be print, web, motion, packaging, product, or environmental.

So what makes us unique?

As one of the leading developers of licensing style guides, we have decades of valuable experience and a proven track record. Our product vision presentations bring brand image and extensions to life. And in developing solutions for our clients, we use trend-forecasting services and do retail, product, and shared market audits — so product and positioning is not only relevant to the brand, but to the future marketplace as well. 

We like to think of ourselves as builders of a creative bridge between a brand and the retail experience.




StyleWorks Creative is a branding and graphic design consultancy evolved from Frederick & Froberg Design Offices. 

For twenty-five years, Frederick & Froberg built and launched successful licensing and branding programs, creating the most sophisticated online style guides in the sports and entertainment industries — bar none. Along with their first-class design team, Bill Frederick and Tom Froberg developed long-term relationships with a host of clients, delivering creative to some of the world’s top brands and properties including Mattel, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Universal Studios, and Discovery Channel. 

And now, with an enhanced business model, two divisions will share resources while providing our diverse clientele with branding, identity, and creative development tailored to their specific needs.

StyleWorks focuses on entertainment, lifestyle, and consumer products.

Fanbrandz focuses on sports league, event, and team franchises. 

Yet the mission stays the same: to drive business growth while developing a seamless brand point of view across all media platforms and products.





D. Thomas Froberg Partner/Creative Director

In 1987, Tom co-founded Frederick & Froberg Design Offices, where his versatile design and illustration background led to the company's specialization in style guide development for brand owners in licensing. He excels at combining contemporary culture with the essence of a brand to create a seamless point-of-view for brand and design extensions, having developed identities, style guides, marketing communications, websites, product direction, and packaging programs for a number of leading lifestyle and entertainment clients. 

With a wide range of personal interests, Tom draws inspiration from architecture, music, fashion, and pop culture. And he's never afraid to mix business with pleasure. Whether hang gliding for Kitty Hawk Kites or driving a Sprint Cup race car for Hot Wheels, research and brand immersion are often his favorite part of the job. He also tries to stay active in his free time, heading off to the mountains for winter ski trips or summer hikes with his Border Collie. 

At StyleWorks, Tom is responsible for client services, business development, and operations, as well as overall branding strategy and creative direction, now lending his experience and expertise to a new generation of products, properties, and brands.



Alaina Caldwell Partner/Creative Director

In 2004, after graduating from Rutgers University with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Alaina began her full-time career at Frederick & Froberg, where her design ability and work ethic made her an instant success. She shines when creating trend-driven graphic designs and style guides, able to move seamlessly from project to project. Most of all, she enjoys designing for children, perhaps because she has two lovable kids at home. 

A bit of a foodie, in her free time, Alaina likes to challenge herself with cooking and baking. And having been an NFL cheerleader, she never shies away from a physical challenge either, participating in events such as the Tough Mudder and the Susan G. Komen 60-mile walk for breast cancer.

Now a partner at StyleWorks, Alaina is responsible for creative direction, design development, and project management. Her work can be seen in national ad campaigns as well as popular retail stores.




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We ask a lot of questions. No matter what we're working on, from packaging systems to licensing style guides, it’s always part of the process.

Purpose: Why does the brand exist?

Vision: Where is the brand going?

Direction: What is the brand’s ultimate goal?

Mission: How will the brand achieve its goal?

Analysis: What are the brand’s strengths and weaknesses?

Appraisal: What are the key brand equities and attributes?

Target: Who makes up the brand’s core audience?

Value: What practical and emotional needs does the brand fulfill?

Market: Who are the brand’s main competitors?

Difference: What separates the brand from the competition?




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