Autumn Winter 2012 Fashion

Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 Trend Highlights

To support product development and direction, we conduct a seminar every six months to showcase the season’s trends. Below are the four that stood out most.


AW13 AW14 Explorer TrendThis high-winter trend combines the sense of adventure possessed by explorers of old with a fascination and concern for modern functionality. Earth tones, like deep berry and fern green, blend with more icy hues, like glacier gray and steel blue, providing a little contrast to the overall frosty feel. Stark mountainous landscapes dotted with decorative alpine animals make for aweinspiring graphics with a sweeping dynamic range.


Urban Expression
AW13 AW14 Urban TrendTraditional creativity gets turned on its head when a new freedom of expression emerges from the confines of an urban environment, giving rise to underground art squats, 90s grunge, and social commentary with a reflective and humorous slant. Psychedelic, faded-out fluoro pops of vibrant magenta, muted lime, and intense azure contrast with stark black and white for a chaotic but ultimately satisfying palette. Dramatic graphics and prints use mixed media to the extreme, blending haphazard brush strokes with bizarre photographic images and scrawled typography.


The Manor
AW13 AW14 Manor TrendThis trend plays strongly on 1900s to 1920s English heritage, with an emphasis on the Highland Countryside. While in Women’s it takes on more of the vintage country theme, in Men’s it adds a few preppy details. Shabby fabrics of wool, tweed, cashmere, and bouclé work in conjunction with classic plaid patterns of tartan, windowpane, and argyle. The palette features browns and neutrals along with more traditional shades of hunter green, red, navy, and mustard. Crests are used for embroideries and screen prints.


Rich Folk
AW13 AW14 Rick Folk TrendThis trend is a heterogeneous mix of East meets West drawn from folklore of Chinese, Japanese, Venetian, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Native American origins. It’s tribal meets luxury, featuring a collage of folk print patterns contrasted with opulent jewel tones. A variety of motifs and symbols round off the look in graphic, knit, woven, and print styles.