Chrysler, Dodge, Ram

Creative Asset Collection | Product Vision

Working with IMG Licensing, we provided three creative asset collections for the Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram automobile brands. Each collection was based on forecasted trends for 2021 and beyond and came with a product vision providing licensees with inspiration on how the brands could be extended to products such as apparel and accessories.

Logo-Driven Design

For Ram, we created a logo-driven design program with outdoor retailers like Cabela’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods in mind. The collection used popular trends for 2021, including custom camouflage, western designs, and retro travel concepts.

Vintage Chrysler

For Chrysler, we assessed vintage logos, advertising, and imagery that would appeal to today’s consumer. This included creating graphics loosely based on the reference material as well as the re-illustration of certain elements to create usable and scalable art for products.

Authentic Dodge

For Dodge, we assessed classic logos and advertising as well, along with their current marketing materials. In so doing, we had the opportunity to re-illustrate logos from the Scat Pack era and prior.