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Working with Crayola’s signature colors, we developed a licensing style guide and creative asset collection based on the feelings that colors produce. This one-of-a-kind project challenged our perceptions and pushed us to create a versatile set of vibrant and expressive graphic elements, including the playfully illustrated icons known as Craymojis.

The “I Feel” Collection

Color and emotion are intrinsically linked. Who doesn’t have an emotional connection to a blue sky or a yellow sun? Crayola introduces children to many colors for the first time, engaging them on a deeper level and providing a creative outlet. The “I Feel” collection celebrates how color helps us express ourselves and better connect with each other.

To begin our creative process, we developed trend boards to show how color and emotion could be used to inform design and drive product at retail.


After assigning distinctive attributes based on our research, we created a series of illustrated icons capturing the spirit of each color.

Razzmatazz, Granny Smith Apple, Macaroni and Cheese… The Craymojis provide consumers with a fun, new mode of self-expression, each inspiring a different set of feelings.

Illustrated Wordmarks

We also developed a set of complementary wordmarks, each illustrated with the same care and attention to detail as their Craymoji counterparts.

Playful Patterns

With the addition of crayon scribbles and emotive sayings, we were able to combine our graphic assets into patterns and backgrounds that could stand on their own or be used to enhance a variety of applications.

The Craymojis were such a hit that Crayola commissioned us for another set, including Wild Strawberry, Small Fry Yellow, and Tiny Toad Brown.