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StyleWorks Creative was one of just a few agencies hired to develop new theme art for the 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters. Two of the three collections we presented were chosen to be included in Sony’s final style guide. The project gave us a chance to re-explore the mid-80s and dig deeper into the era than ever before.

Photo Pop Graffiti

This vibrant trend drew from the original movie as well as a number of its pop-culture contemporaries. Collage-style tearing, scribbled overlays, and other Warholian manipulations allowed us to indulge in the extravagance the era while playing off the humor of the film.

Ghostbusters Pop Graffiti Design 3
Ghostbusters Pop Graffiti 6 Pattern
Ghostbusters Pop Graffiti 7 Pattern
Ghostbusters Pop Graffiti 8 Pattern

1984 Retro Kitsch

The Ghostbusters licensing program also gave us the chance to take advantage of the film’s wonderful set photography — something we felt was lacking in prior branding initiatives.

Monsters of Rock

In the midst of all our retro research, we noticed the striking similarities between the darker (almost horror movie) elements of the Ghostbusters franchise and the t-shirts and concert posters of the decade’s most popular heavy metal bands.

Ghostbusters Monsters of Rock Design 1
Ghostbusters Monsters of Rock Design 2
Ghostbusters Monsters of Rock Design 3

Are you the Keymaster?

Our final Ghostbusters licensing collection had all the campiness of a heavy metal album cover, with ghoulish creatures baring fangs and seductive women possessed by demons. The stage was set for both key masters and gatekeepers alike.