The Sprout Channel

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StyleWorks Creative had the pleasure of being part of the team that launched Sprout’s consumer products program. We began with a packaging system and character art reflecting the brand’s “Morning, Noon, and Night” on-air graphic identity. Once licensing agent Big Tent came aboard, we turned our attention towards the brand as a whole, including its essence and core values.

The Product Playbook

Our Sprout Channel licensing style guide provided a comprehensive introduction to the brand, tailored specifically for consumer products.

It included a redefined brand identity system for retail as well as theme art and character art.

Rules of Play

Along with a logo adapted for consumer products, we created a series of icons and product drivers to mirror the network’s core values in all product and packaging.

The final packaging system used patterns based on the shows and natural craft materials for a more wholesome feel. Once finished, the packaging system was consumer tested with parents, to which it passed with flying colors.

Retail Merchandising

For inspiration and instruction on how to merchandise the product line, we created a mock retail display sample including a branded floor graphic.

Sprout Channel Product Development 1
Sprout Channel Product Development

Product Development

We developed product concepts in targeted categories, giving licensees further direction on how to incorporate Sprout’s essence and core values. These renderings went on to inspire exciting, new products.

Chica and Star

We created a full range of vector character art for Chica and Star, two of the channels most popular characters. We also conducted a photoshoot, providing photography for the guide, as well as illustrations.

Sprout Channel Character Chica 1
Sprout Channel Character Chica 2
Sprout Channel Character Chica 3
Sprout Channel Licensing Character Star 1
Sprout Channel Licensing
Sprout Channel Licensing
Sprout Channel Licensing
Sprout Channel Licensing
Sprout Channel Licensing
Sprout Channel Licensing
Sprout Channel Licensing
Sprout Channel Licensing

A Lasting Relationship

After the guide was finished, the Sprout Channel licensing team kept us on board with a monthly retainer, for which we created a series of trade magazine covers and ads, and helped out with product approvals.

We also developed targeted presentations for Walmart and other retailers.


In the middle of our ongoing collaboration, we helped develop a Sprout tablet computer, providing the name, logo, and interface design. We were even involved in the approvals process and design of the tablet itself.

Cubby Animations

One of our favorite parts of the Cubby project, we produced the tablet’s opening and closing animations. You can watch them below.