Magic Tree House Book Logo Design

Celebrating 25 Years of Magic Tree House

A little over a year ago, we worked with Penguin Random House on a re-branding of their New York Times best-selling children’s book series, Magic Tree House. Now we finally get to see the new editions in print, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The first of the Magic Tree House book was published in 1992, written by Mary Pope Osborne and featuring illustrations by Salvatore Murdocca. Since then, 55 books have been published in all, as well as non-fiction companion books, delighting young readers with the fantastical adventures of Jack and Annie.

Our task was to develop a branding system, giving the series a fresh, new look which could be applied while still showcasing the original illustrations.

It also had to be geared toward two different age groups. Working closely with Penguin Random House, we reviewed covers of earlier editions and discussed specific needs for the design. We also visited retail locations and researched competing children’s books that would appear alongside Magic Tree House on the shelves. After a few rounds of client review, we reached a consensus and a final design system was chosen. In the end, we provided them with a unified umbrella identity, which included type treatment, trade dress, and graphic devices.

To learn more about Magic Tree House and see the branding in action, check out this informative video, which celebrates their 25th Anniversary:

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