Morning Sproutlets!

We’re excited to be working with Sprout TV in developing their first consumer products style guide.

The network was launched in 2005 as a venture of PBS and NBC Universal. They’ve worked hard to build a trusted 24-hour channel and a destination for preschoolers ages 2-5 and their families – both on-air and online. Since they strive to reach families wherever they are, a consumer products program is a natural brand extension. The style guide will define the Sprout brand and give licensees and partners the guidance and tools they need to develop product and packaging. Our focus is on Sprout-branded products and their innovative, original content and characters, such as Chica from The Sunny Side Up Show, The Chica Show, and The Good Night Show.

The best part of the assignment was when we produced a photo session with the Chica and Star puppets for a range of images that could be used on packaging and marketing materials. Having the actual puppeteers there was a great help in getting fun and interesting expressions. Since they couldn’t see the images until after they were downloaded, it was a challenge. But they did a terrific job getting into character and working it, along with photographer Dan Engongoro from Studio E Imaging. The client team was a huge help and great to work with. Can’t get better than that.

What rewarding and unusual shoots have you been involved with?