Eric Carle at Work

What Would Eric Do?

We had a fantastic time kicking off our licensing style guide project at the Eric Carle Studio. We also took a tour of the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Northampton, Massachusetts. What an exciting and interesting place for children and creative people to enjoy art. It was an honor to be invited into Eric’s studio space to collaborate over ideas for developing seasonal theme art collections for his famous books and the Hungry Caterpillar character. It was also inspiring to have such an intimate view of his creation process.

The consumer products market demanded more art beyond Eric’s body of illustrations. So, for the first time ever, we were challenged to create original art in Eric’s signature style. We were constantly saying to ourselves, “What would Eric do?”

His Director of Publishing and Merchandising, Motoko Inoue, was a key collaborator in our process of creating seasonal licensing style guide modules and a trend-based infant/toddler style guide collection. We look forward to seeing the art applied to product in the marketplace. And hope Eric is as proud as we are.

What’s your favorite Eric Carle book?