Aladdin on Broadway

Key Art Development | Merchandise Design | Product Vision

Aladdin premiered on Broadway in February of 2014. Along with expanding a previous logo treatment the client had developed for gifts and souvenirs, Disney Theatrical Group tasked StyleWorks Creative with providing new product concepts and key art for their merchandising program.

Product Development and Inspiration

The project began with extensive research as we developed a series of original product concepts. We also had a chance to preview the set designs and study the costumes, finding inspiration in Persian and Moroccan motifs. For the final deliverable, we provided key art and a full range of easily expandable graphics that could be applied to a variety of products. Products based on our designs can be found at the Playbill store.

Since our project for Aladdin on Broadway, we’ve had the opportunity to create product visions for a number of popular entertainment properties, including Star Trek and Ghostbusters.