Beysically Science

Brand Identity | Logo Development | Design System

For ADK Emotions Inc., our client for seven seasons of Beyblade Burst style guides, StyleWorks was hired to develop a logo and brand identity for STEM-brand offshoot Beysically Science. This ingenious YouTube series teaches children through various science experiments using popular Beyblade toys.

Logo Lockup

For our STEM brand identity, we created a hand-lettered logo and icon lockup using a vibrant color palette for kids.

Since the logo would need to be animated for the series, we added motion elements to the type.

Beysically Science Brand Identity STEM Logo on Blue Color
Beysically Science Brand Identity STEM Brand Background

Icons and Patterns

We also included a custom icon featuring a Beyblade within an atom to symbolize the themes, as well as a fun, science-inspired pattern and signature gradient fill to further enhance the design system.

Watch an episode below or find more Beysically Science on the Beyblade Burst YouTube channel.