Animal Planet Toys

Licensing Style Guide | Packaging | Product Vision | Retail Vision and Insight

Working under the banner of Animal Planet’s new branding, StyleWorks developed multiple style guides, including a packaging guide for the toy market. The project allowed us to showcase the brand’s unique ability to excite its target audience by drawing on wildlife from around the world — even going back to the dinosaurs.

Product Segments

Given the extent of the animal kingdom, the possibilities for product are endless. To better organize a product line exclusive to Target, we broke up the packaging system into segments, each segment capturing the spirit of a particular environment.

Closer to the Wild

Working with Animal Planet’s extensive library of high-resolution images, we chose hero imagery in which animals would be making direct eye contact with the consumer.

Each image was carefully clipped and retouched, then paired with a secondary image to give a sense of the animal’s natural habitat.

Packaging Shapes

The design segmentation was extended further into various packaging shapes based on the product line to be launched at retail.