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EP (Entertainment Partners) is the leading provider of account management software for the entertainment industry. As part of a major rebranding, StyleWorks Creative developed a new logo, brand identity, and UX design, updating the company’s look while improving user experience.

Logo & Brand Identity

With any brand identity and UX design project, finding consensus among the various stakeholders can be a challenge. In this case, we found success in our very first round of logo treatments, as our streamlined approach met all requirements.

Logo Usage

As with many of our guides, we provided ample instruction on logo usage and the usage of logo treatments.

Color Palette

Starting with EP’s classic blue, we developed a widened color palette made up of primary, secondary, and tertiary hues that would help differentiate the company’s product line.

We also provided an alternate version for digital applications, with more subdued tones to better facilitate the user experience. This was based on extensive research from their clients.


We captured the world of film and television production with a selection of behind-the-scenes photography. This appealed directly to EP’s clientele while reaffirming the company’s importance to the industry.

Marketing Applications

Our final deliverable was an internal brand guide for EP’s entire suite of software, promoting the diversity of their product line while keeping it all contained under the EP banner.

UX Design Icon System

Also giving a sense of unity to the EP digital suite, we developed an icon system with a series of app-specific icons based on the color palette.

To see the branding in action, visit EP.com.